Monday Post (Oh wait, it’s Wednesday)

I am terrible. We all know this by now.

I am the world’s worst vegan. I don’t know what a zucchini is. I talk about my butt too often in a public forum.

But, my most terrible trait is my ability to neglect this blog and you, my lovely readers, for large swathes of time for no good reason.*

So, on this Wednesday evening I come to you with my Monday blog post. It’s about Toy Story and suffering (and I really wanted to call it “What is Suffering? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me, Don’t Hurt Me, No More)” but then agreed with the editors that that choice was ill-advised because I made no further reference to it anywhere else in the blog). And it’s over on the Crohnology website.

I would love if you could go check it out (even if you’re still mad at me about me being terrible most of the time).

(Photo credit:
(Photo credit:



*Although my excuse this time is pretty good (and not Nashville related…I promise). I am moving to another continent and must pack all of my possessions into too-small boxes and say goodbye to my friends in too-little time and the whole ordeal is a little overwhelming to my creative process. And internally I’m like…


And externally I’m like…


So not much work is getting done.


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